Telehealth for Chronic Illnesses: The Unpredictable Days

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Chronic illness is unpredictable.

My patients’ health changes on a day to day basis and as a result, their appointments do as well. 

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Teleconference allows my patients the freedom and flexibility to talk to me from anywhere, regardless of their health, physical limitations, or time constraints. 

You can still get help when the unpredictable strikes. 

Telehealth has been a new and exciting entryway for patients to communicate with their physicians when they may have physical or location limitations.  It has been especially important for patients seeking psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is dependent not only on verbal dialogue but nonverbal cues can be just as vital. Often my patients won’t be able to find the words for a feeling or experience. When I can see their facial expressions, I can help them to explore or validate feelings or acknowledge feelings, which I could easily miss on a call and really limits the therapist/patient experience.  

Telehealth allows for the convenience of a phone call but with the richer experience that comes from a “face-to-face” experience. 

I know this both personally and professionally.  

I have PI (among other conditions) Because of my own hectic medical schedule – with 6-hour infusions every two weeks and 10-15 hours of medical appointments weekly – the traditional 9-5pm job does not work for me.  If it wasn’t for my ability to utilize teleconference sessions, I would not be able to maintain a full patient caseload.  

For both myself and my patients, telehealth is mutually beneficial. 

I can speak to my patients early in the mornings, on weekends, and some late evenings. It also allows my patients to contact me in an emergency without losing the nonverbal cues, which are particularly important in these circumstances. 

Don’t miss out on a great Specialist match if you can only see them through telehealth. Seeing them is what’s important.

Jodi Taub, LCSW is a Psychotherapist Specialist on Wellacopia

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