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Wellacopia was formed to help those living with chronic illness find the best practitioner for their needs – regardless of their condition, location, or circumstances. We know that many people living with chronic illness are living in areas where there aren’t enough general practitioners, let alone specialists, so telehealth is an important part of our platform. But telehealth can be confusing – in today’s post we’ll break down the basics of telehealth and how it can play a role in your own healthcare.

What is telehealth?

In general, telehealth refers to the use of technology and digital information to access health care services remotely and to manage your care. This can mean anything from uploading your food logs using an app to using a patient portal to see your test results to communicating with your doctor via video or text communication. In fact, it’s likely that you’ve already participated in some form of telehealth without knowing it!

How does telehealth impact care for those living with chronic illness?

Ideally, telehealth opens up new possibilities to manage your health that make it easier to make decisions and access care. You can use technology to track medications and treatments, encourage your care team to communicate with one another, and transfer records between offices. As with any technology there are risks to consider but telehealth also opens up possibilities for those living in remote locations or those who need to travel for care.

The team at Wellacopia sees telehealth as a big opportunity for expanding the options when it comes to care for those of us living with chronic illness – especially when living outside major care hubs. We all know that chronic illness does not discriminate and so many of us are living in areas without adequate options. Telehealth gives the community more options when it comes to practitioners and (hopefully!) opens up information about our conditions.

Is telehealth right for you?

Telehealth isn’t right for everyone and, as with any medical decision, the choice to pursue telehealth is a personal decision. At Wellacopia we let you search for practitioners based on whether or not they use telehealth as part of their practice so you can make the decision and consider it.

We encourage you to take to other who have experience with telehealth and to open a conversation with a practitioner who provides telehealth services. Test the waters and see if it works for you!

Do you have additional questions about telehealth? We’ve started a discussion on our Facebook page so we can collect questions and post a follow-up with more information. Just let us know how we can help!

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