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Wellacopia works with organizations across the community to help seekers and specialists connect and do more of what they aim to do. Here are some of our partners and the ways that they can help you! Want to be featured as a Wellacopia resource? Drop us a note at!

The Bipolar Battle (

“I have lived with bipolar disorder my whole life and I was officially diagnosed back in 1999. I write a weekly blog detailing my journey with bipolar disorder in hopes it can help someone else. A large portion of my life has dealt with the trial-and-error of managing bipolar disorder. I don’t want others to have to go through the same. The mission of my blog: “‘Helping empower those living with bipolar disorder live the life they deserve.’I also talk about anxiety, depression, and general mental health.”

Twitter: @BipolarBattle; Instagram:@thebipolarbattle; Pinterest: thebipolarbattle