5 Places To Find Support When Getting A Total Knee Replacement

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Hi everyone. Having a total knee replacement can be frustrating, overwhelming, and downright scary. As a WEGO Health Patient Leader, I am a strong advocate for having support throughout this entire phase. Where do you find support when getting a total knee replacement, though? Read on…

Check with your doctor’s office or local hospital

Many doctor’s office and/or local hospitals have lists of local support groups, community gatherings, classes, and presentations you can attend to gain support and realize you are not alone. 

Ask your friends and colleagues

Total knee replacements are more common than you may think. Simply mention to others (who you feel comfortable around) that you will be having a tkr. You may be surprised by the responses you receive. The tkr community is always willing to help others going through the same thing.

Check out best blog lists

Go online and find lists of total knee replacement blogs. Just type in ‘best tkr blogs’ in your search bar. You will be amazed at what you can find!

Many of these blogs – like my award-winning Booktoots’ Healing – share personal content that helps readers feel less alone. Post your comments and concerns. Someone is bound to share their story to help you along your tkr journey.

Click on this link to be taken to the Healthline.com site to learn more about blogs that can provide total knee replacement support.

Read about each blog on the list. Take a look around their content. Many have a search bar that takes you directly to the topic that interests you.

Find total knee replacement websites

Many of these websites have patient stories or online forums where others can share experiences. In addition, medical professionals may dispense valuable advice (when they are the site’s moderator). 

Type in ‘total knee replacement websites’ in your search bar to start doing your research. Check out each site individually to find one you are comfortable with. Start communicating. 

Check with your local YMCA

Many sites offer a variety of support groups for people dealing with various health issues. Some offer onsite rehab services, also. Ask around to find out more. If they do not offer support onsite, they likely will refer you to someone/some place that does.

Knowing you are not alone during your total knee replacement journey is imperative to your overall sanity. Take advantage of the recommendations above and make your life easier. 

Thanks for reading. Wishing you only the best! 

Marie Buckner (aka Booktoots)

AUTHOR NOTE: Booktoots Healing helps total knee replacement patients find support throughout recuperation and beyond. Its mission is for patients to understand they are not alone in their ordeal with either a tkr or other physicality concerns. 

This award-winning site is owned and operated by Marie Buckner, a published author and tkr patient who has been living with various physicalities for over 40+ years. She enjoys sharing her experiences to help others going through the same thing. Marie is also a WEGO Health Patient Leader.

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