11 Tips for coping with the holidays with ME/CFS/Adrenal Fatigue

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I remember how hard it used to be for me. The holidays. Feeling the pressure of staying up all day socializing, feeling bad if I needed to rest, feeling ashamed that I couldn’t help preparing. Even decorating the Christmas tree would be too much for me and after hanging a few ornaments I would crash for the rest of the day.

Then something happened. Every year I noticed that I got a tiny bit better. I could help more, stay up longer without breaks, take care of the preparations and the tree. I was healing from years and years of chronic fatigue. 

But before that, I incorporated a lot of helpful things to get through the holidays. Here are my best tips for the person who is experiencing fatigue, or another type  of chronic illness.

  1. Be kind to yourself!
  2. Try to see the holidays as an opportunity to rest and enjoy time with family and friends, rather than seeing it as a stressful must.
  3. Take rest breaks. A lot of them! 
  4. Say no to activities that are not a must. This is key for not crashing!
  5. If you are buying presents, make sure you plan ahead so you don’t have to stress last minute. (Tip: internet shopping!)
  6. Listen to your body and ask yourself – what do I need in this moment. If it’s resting – then rest.
  7. Try to not bother too much if people around you don’t understand your needs. Do your thing. You know what’s best for you. Don’t waste your energy try to explaining to people who won’t understand anyways.
  8. Take deep breaths and meditate. Several times a day.
  9. Make it as easy as possible for yourself
  10. Ask for help. Sometimes we need to swallow our pride in order to save energy.
  11. Stay out of family drama. The holidays can bring up a lot of old wounds, fights and triggers. Try to stay out of arguments and drama in order to protect your energy.

This guest post was written by Jennyfer Christina. Jennyfer is a coach who helps women with fatigue gain more energy so they can live their lives without boundaries. After healing herself from chronic fatigue she now shares what has helped her on her own journey, using a holistic mind-body-spirit approach. You can read more about her at www.soulfulhealingsisterhood.com or follow her on Instagram at @soulfulhealingwithjen.

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