Learning Patience Through Plants

Horticulture Therapy for Pain Management, Depression, and Anxiety.
Nature is Patient. Our gardens can offer ...
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Helpful Responses to Self-Harm Urges

Support the Right Way: Helpful Responses ? to Self-Harm Urges

Self-harm is a very real issue for some of us who struggle with depression. Much ...
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Misinterpretation of the opioid crisis

Misinterpretation ? of the Opioid Crisis ?

The misinterpretation of the opioid crisis has led the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and ...
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Chronic Illness Not Sorry For Having Fun

Life with Crohn’s: I’m Not Sorry for Having Fun ??‍♂️

At about the time I turned 8, I was diagnosed with debilitating Crohn’s disease and ...
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